I am running Eclipse Indigo in Ubuntu 12.04.3. I checked out a project from subversion and put it in my workspace. When I try to run Main.CPP (it's a C++ project -- not java), I get the following error message:

Exception occurred executing command line.
Cannot run program "/home/abramhandler/workspace/tux/main.cpp" (in directory   "/home/abramhandler/workspace/tux"): java.io.IOException:

error=13, Permission denied

How can I give Eclipse permission to run things in this folder?


There is no need to give Eclipse permission to run things in that folder; it already has that permission. The Permission denied error is due to the shell refusing to execute main.cpp because the file doesn't have its execute permission bits set. Which makes sense because you don't execute cpp files.

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  • great. that explains a lot. I am new to C++ development in eclipse. Now I know that I made a mistake in the build configurations. – bernie2436 Sep 30 '13 at 23:08

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