I've been trying to flash Ubuntu Touch to a Nexus 4, following the instructions on this page.

I'm Running this command:

phablet-flash ubuntu-system --channel devel --no-backup

...And after doing whatever it needs to do, I get this message:

INFO:phablet-flash:Waiting for install to finish on device. Please do not unplug device until phablet-flash finishes.

But after waiting for quite some time I get this error:

ERROR:phablet-flash:Installation is taking too long or an error occured along the way.

I can't find any way to tell the process to spend even more time. Can anyone help me get past this error?

Update Sep. 30th

I tried switching on the phone, despite the error, and it actually looked like the flashing succeeded. Everything seemed to be working as expected.

 phablet-flash ubuntu-system -d mako -b --pending

Should put you there. Nexus shouldn't need any --channel devel


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