I was trying to set up a script to download and untar some sources in a build script, but for some maddening reason tar seems to have gone insane, where it constantly attempts to do something with some long-gone folder.

Initially I was attempting to

curl -L http://www.example.com/tehcodez.tar.gz | tar -C assets -xz

And I got a confusing error...so I stripped it way down to tar x (which shouldn't really do anything, but at least not die like it does), I get the truly inexplicable error:

$ tar x
tar: ~/Projects/Tape-Worms/: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

...Tape-Worms is some old project I was working on (and the folder no longer exists), and I have no idea how tar is a) pulling that path out of thin air, then b) choking on it. It doesn't matter what folder I'm in, /, ~, I get the exact same error.


tar apparently uses the variable TAPE as a default file path, and I had it set to the offending ~/Projects/Tape-Worms/ in my .bashrc for a shortcut. Naturally.

     The behavior of tar is controlled by the following environment variables, among 

     TAPE    Device or file to use for the archive if --file is not specified.  If 
             this environment variable is unset, use stdin or stdout instead.


$ unset TAPE
$ tar x

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