When I tried to install Matlab using the Software Center, it prompted me for the Location of MATLAB installation(s). Since I am trying to install it, I don't know what to do.

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You are trying to install matlab-support, which needs matlab to be installed first. Follow the instructions given here to install matlab first:

In the instructions given on that page, when you try to install the "ia32-libs" package, you will be prompted to choose an application. For this click on "browse" and then go to /usr/bin/software-center.


MATLAB in the software centre does not provide MATLAB which is not free but helps to configure an existing MATLAB installation to run better on Debian based Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu as shown below.

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If you are looking for similar free programs for Ubuntu take a look at this question:
Similar tools for MATLAB


First of all I assume that you have MatlabR201x.iso for Linux.

Make directory under /media/'username'/iso with sudo. here is example for username da.

sudo mkdir /home/da/iso

Then mount the Matlab installation .iso to that directory.

mount MatlabR201x.iso /home/da/iso -o loop

then execute the installer with sudo permissions.

sudo /medida/da/bin/install

That's it.

Ps: These instructions are tested with latest Kubuntu 19.10 in time of writing.

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