I have a bunch of processes on a server initiated by ssh from my own machine. It is now about three hours that my machine's Ubuntu has got hung and I do not see any other options but restart. Is there any way to keep the processes on the server alive? I have the root access to both my machine and server.

thanks in advance


There are several ways to achieve this:


use nohup to run the command so that the process is immune to hang ups (log out).

For example: nohup command > /path/to/log 2>&1 &

NOTE: the above runs command immune to SIGHUP in the background and redirects stdout/stderr to a file specified.

setsid and disown

Use setsid and disown Basically this allows the process to run as a new session (init / PID 1 as its parent) so that user logout doesn't affect it. You can read the manual for more information.

Recommended approach

Use tmux or screen

Run command/apps in a tmux or screen session. I personally prefer tmux. Technically it runs a server on the host (remote server), as long as the daemon does NOT die, all session information will be preserved.

NOTE: if you get disconnected, just ssh to the server again and run tmux attach -t <target-session> to get back to the sessions. Use tmux ls to list available sessions.

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