My cursor got all jumpy lately and I want to lower touchpad sensitivity, how can I do it? Mouse&Touchpad menu allows me to make changes but doesn't save them after I close its window. And there's no discernible change.

Also, where is the option to disable mouse/touchpad acceleration. Do I need to edit Xorg.conf and reboot like it's 2002?

I'm on a regular Ubuntu 13.04 with Unity.


Try gpointing-device-settings from the software center.

If that doesn't expose the needed features, use synclient in a terminal window. For example, to reduce the acceleration, use
synclient AccelFactor=XXX, where XXX is a number such as 0.144509 or whatever suites the touchpad.


Go to "System Settings -> Mouse and Touchpad" You can choose the sensitivity, the clickers (left and right) and others.

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