How do I install 7zip through Terminal to extract rar files?


I don't know why would you like specifically 7-zip's binary to extract RAR, but here we go:

To unrar files with... unrar:

sudo apt-get install unrar-free
unrar e some.rar

To extract rar files with 7-zip:

sudo apt-get install p7zip-full
7z x some.rar

e and x mean extract obviously.

  • instead of using zip, tar, unrar, etc. we could use the same tool (7z) with the same interface for all of them – qwr Sep 10 at 21:33

You may use p7zip. And you can install p7Zip using command : sudo apt-get install p7zip.

To extract RAR archives, you'll need to install package "p7zip-rar", too.

Install it using : sudo apt-get install p7zip-rar

Or you can get it done in single command : sudo apt-get install p7zip p7zip-rar

Read p7zip manual for more information: man p7zip


Use the following command to Install 7Zip:

$ sudo apt-get install p7zip-full

Extract files using 7zip:

$ 7z e example.zip

Compress files using 7zip:

$ 7z a compress.zip

For more information, visit the reference

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