I created a symbolic link via ln -s pathname/folder/file.py whatever and I now have a bright blue link in my home directory with the symbolic link command name but when I try whatever hello_world, it's giving me an error saying whatever: command not found.

What I want to do works when I re-type out the pathname and file but the symbolic link seems to be doing nothing....which means I did something wrong

  • Have you tried python whatever hello_world? – Terry Wang Sep 20 '13 at 2:05

That is likely nothing to do with symbolic links per se - it is probably because by default the shell does not search the current directory for executable files (regardless of whether they are regular files or symbolic links) - if you add the relative path to whatever i.e.


it should work.

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You should make sure that the path which contains the sym link is in PATH enviroment variable

echo $PATH

or use ./whatever

to add the path to your $PATH edit .bashrc (It will specific for the current user if you want to be for all users edit /etc/profile) and add:

export $PATH

then save and exit and run

source .bashrc
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