I am currently using Ubuntu 12.04. I wanted to install fonts for the Indian languages and searching in Google led me to this site.

enter image description here

When I clicked on the available on the Software Centre button, the Launch Application window opens. I clicked the Choose button to choose the Software Centre application. But I do not know the location to choose from i.e., where the Software Centre application resides on my PC. How do I find it?


This is the location of Ubuntu Software Center:


(I've got it very quickly using this answer).




This is the easiest way as you can simply use the Ubuntu Software Center download with a search by hitting the Super key. I did a simple search and it is already visible there to install. Below is how in a simple way.

Copied the font you were searching for...

enter image description here

And opened the Ubuntu Software Center by hitting the Super key

enter image description here

Paste it on the search & it appeared to install.

enter image description here

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