I'm really new to Ubuntu, and I want to install it (Ubuntu 13.04) alongside my Windows 8 pre-installed laptop (Toshiba L850/046). I wanna be able to pick between the two at startup, because as much as people hate it, I personally like Windows 8. I've done a lot of looking around and many people seem to have problems with installing on Windows 8. So I was wondering how I can backup my Windows 8 software, and if something went wrong (for example my Windows 8/hard drive got wiped out), how would I be able to re-install Windows 8 from the back up? (Sorry if this sounds noobish, not that good with computers :/ )

P.S. I plan on installing it with a DVD, that means I don't have to make new partition spaces and can just click the "install alongside Windows 8" option right?


If your laptop came with a preinstalled windows 8 there must be some sort of utility included to create backup disks. Just use that software to take a backup of your windows 8. However these backup may not keep your windows os settings in case of a re-installation.

[Advanced: If you can explore the hidden drives (by running diskmgmt.msc), you will see *.wim images in there, those are the windows deployment packages. You can save them also, but restoring them is a little bit complex method]

Second option is to use any cloning software to clone your hard disk to an external driver. But this usually requires the external drive capacity should be same as your laptop.

Installing ubuntu in preinstalled windows 8 is lot more complecated. Thanks to the secure boot requirement of preinstalled windows 8 PC. You can go through the link below to have a guide on how to proceed with instillation..

Installing Ubuntu Alongside a Pre-Installed Windows with UEFI

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  • Is it better if I just get the Virtual Box version? (If there is an available version for Win 8), because I looked at the link you gave me and it's similar to a couple of videos on Youtube, but they say if you already have 4 partitions then don't continue. Unfortunately I do already have 4 partitions :/ – Shayne Sep 19 '13 at 6:19
  • Virtualbox/VMWARE won't give you same performance as native. Secondly you misunderstood the 4 partition problem.If you are using legacy BIOS then it is true that you can't have more than 4 primary partition but you can put three of your primary partition into a single logical partition. If you are in UEFI (UEFI is default for preinstalled win 8 laptop) then there is no bar. – Web-E Sep 19 '13 at 6:35

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