I know there is an application that does what I want. It's called


But I was wondering if I could get something like bash completion with unity's run interface .i.e. with tab command ?


This doesn't work with current Unity (as you already found out).

However, if you post your idea to http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ or present it on the Ayatana mailing list, some developer might implement it (however, don't count on it landing in Natty).

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    you could add that he can report a wishlist bug on launchpad as well ^^ – RolandiXor Apr 12 '11 at 16:57

Submit a bug report against unity-place-applicationsas that is a wishlist item. There is currently no option in Unity for tab auto-completion to work on the Alt+F2 screen.


There's no way to do this in 11.04.

Hopefully the whole of Alt+F2 in the Dash will be refined over the next few releases, because at the moment it is lacking compared to the old version.

See also Bug #736222: cannot paste into dash.

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