In the video scopes it shows 2 of my movies in my ~/Videos/Movies(/Media/Videos/Movies) folder. When I have some 20 movies in there. The scope wont show my TV shows either under ~/Videos/TV_Shows/. I want it to show up with as in the scopes where it says "My Videos" as "Movies" and a second one under that as "TV Shows" Setup as seasons where you click on a season and it shows all the episodes.

How do I go about doing this?

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You can customise the results by writing new scopes, but that is probably not the answer you're looking for (here's a tutorial for doing so using the Ubuntu 13.10 API).

The default videos scope does not provide any hooks to alter its results in the way you've described. If the existing scope is ignoring some of your videos under ~/Videos though, that sounds like a bug (and should probably be reported as such). Is there anything unusual about your system?

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