This is a recent issue. Whenever I start up my laptop, it will attempt to automatically connect to my school network (WPA2-Enterprise) as it should. However, it prompts me for the password on the login screen every time (unless I log in before it is able to attempt the connection). I have checked/tried the following

  • /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections has root read-write permissions.
  • 'All users may connect to this network' is checked in the network's settings by default, and I have unchecked, saved, and rechecked just to make sure.
  • The (correct) password is indeed saved in the network settings

I've noted that there is no problem attempting to manually/automatically connect when I have already logged in. I even logged in and back out and then switched the wireless on and off, and it didn't have an issue connecting again. Any advice?

edit; I previously thought this was a general issue with all networks, however I believe it only occurs when connecting to my school's WPA2-Enterprise network, not my WEP personal router.