I want to install Kubuntu 13.04 together with Windows 7 in UEFI Mode. I installed Windows 7 first, which created the EFI boot partition.

When it come to installing Kubuntu, the installation failed when trying to install Grub-efi on sda with the error that grub-efi install to /target/ failed.

There is a simliar thread with the same problem but on 12.04:

Why 12.04 Fails to install grub-efi to /target/?

..and the solution was to use 12.10. But I'm using a newer version of (k)ubuntu.

Any Solutions here are highly welcome.


It also doesn't work with just kubuntu on the disk, so it's definitely not a dual boot issue.


I used 12.10 and the installation succeded without any problem except that grub didn't add Windows. Fix that with boot-repair.

I found a Kubuntu Bug entry which says, that it's probably a kernel Bug in 13.04.

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If the installation has mostly finished, but just failed on the GRUB installation, I have two suggestions:

  • Try Boot-Repair, which should set up GRUB for you.
  • Try the USB flash drive or CD-R version of rEFInd. If that gets Linux booted, you can then install the Debian package version, which with any luck will install without error to the hard disk.
  • Thanks for your answer. I isntalled now with 12.10 and it succeded at first try. See my addition aboth.
    – Rooboo
    Sep 12, 2013 at 7:48

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