I have installed Ubuntu 13.04 and using Android 4.1 Version based device.I'd like to access my Ubuntu from my Android device through remote access. I have already tried several apps from store and I am happy with them.

But I want to remote access through local network , not through Internet. what ever the clients I have already tried those are providing through Internet not from local network.

I have connected my mobile to my System Wi-Fi network.

Bottom-Line: How to access Ubuntu from Android through local network Wi-Fi Based ?


If you don't need a GUI, you can simply use SSH. The most well known Android SSH client is Connectbot and many Custom Android ROMs already come with an SSH client preinstalled.

In case you need a GUI, you can combine Connectbot with an X11 server for Android, but this works not very well at the moment of writing. Another option is to use a VNC viewer for Android and to set up a VNC server on your Ubuntu machine.

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