Sorry the title is not quite clear.

With X11 forwarding, I could run application on the remote server but see it on the local client. Normally I do this by:

local$ ssh -X remote_server  
remote$ xclock

Is there a tool like XMing that could manage all these steps?

I mean I do not have to open a remote login explicitly. The tool will open it if necessary.

And I do not have to run the application by type its command. Just like I run other applications, for example from a menu.


NOT that I know of.

That's basically the way SSH X11 Forwarding works.

You'll have to connect to the SSH Server by specifying -X or -Y, of course sshd should allow X11Forwarding.

To run X client applications like Firefox, chrome, you'll have to execute the application in CLI and probably run it in background and redirect the stdout and stderr to the black hole >/dev/null 2>&1 &.

There are some misunderstandings in your statement.

xclock is actually a X client, it is executed on the remote SSH Server but is displayed on the X Server where ssh client resides (your Ubuntu Desktop or Xming X Server for Windows).

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