I downloaded the official .run file from AMD's website, but when i installed it when i boot my computer only the terminal was available throught cntrl + alt + T. The screen was black with the watermark "Hardware not supported"

So i unistalled fglrx drivers. When i booted up again my side bar was flickering and i have some other screen issues too.

Can someone help me on how to install the correct drivers?

My laptop is THIS and i run ubuntu 13.04 64bit.

Thank you


Thought it would help to tell you that support for the 8550G, as far as I could tell, didn't start until Catalyst 13.10 so you'll need either 13.10 or 13.11. I've found them to be a real pain, using Linux Mint Mate 15, but it might be better for you. Installed via the .run from AMD's site.

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