I am trying to create an interactive bash shell script to make it easier to install and configure a postfix mail server,But have them still enter the commands and then the shell run them, but I keep getting this error and I don't know why.

These two lines are giving me the error "Too many arguments"

if test $VAR1 = sudo apt-get install postfix


until test $VAR1 = sudo apt-get install postfix



You need to quote the arguments to test to stop them 'breaking' on whitespace, i.e. if

$ var1="sudo apt-get install postfix"


$ if test $var1 = sudo apt-get install postfix; then echo "Match"; fi
bash: test: too many arguments


$ if test "$var1" = "sudo apt-get install postfix"; then echo "Match"; fi

The same applies if you use the [ ... ] test construct

if [ "$var1" = "sudo apt-get install postfix" ]; then echo "Match"; fi

As an aside, it's recommended not to use all-caps for your variable names - all-caps are generally reserved for system variables.

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