I try to print some ODT documents from LibreOffice 4 (Ubuntu 13.04 OS) to a Toshiba e-Studio 167 printer. When the document has fonts like Liberation Sans, Liberation Serif, etc., I get a printed page with the next error:


However, if export ODT file to PDF and I print PDF file or if I print another PDF file from Acrobat, there's no problem.

I've been trying the solutions given in this threads, but if I change printer language type to PostScript, I get the same error:

Unable to print from LibreOffice

Problem printing in LibreOffice Writer but not in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Evolution

To try to resolve the problem I configured incron in order to print to a PDF printer first, and then printing the file to the printer.

Any of this commands work from the command line, and the file is printed ok:

cat <file.pdf> | acroread -toPostScript | lpr -P <printer name>

cat pdf2ps <file.pdf> | lpr -P <printer name>

but it doesn't (the printer does nothing), if I put them in the file opened when running "incrontab -e".

incrontab -e

/home/<user>/PDF IN_CLOSE_WRITE cat $@/$# | acroread -toPostScript | lpr -P <printer name>

save the file


incrontab -e

/home/<user>/PDF IN_CLOSE_WRITE cat pdf2ps $@/$# | lpr -P <printer name>

save the file

Incron works ok with other commands, like cp.

On the other hand, the next two possible configurations for "incrontab -e" make the printer work, but with the problem I mentioned at the begining. Could be a problem with pipes?

/home/launion/PDF IN_CLOSE_WRITE /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice --invisible --norestore -pt <printer name> $@/$#

/home/launion/PDF IN_CLOSE_WRITE lpr -P <printer name> -o Resolution=600x600dpi -o PageSize=A4 -o Duplex=None $@/$#

In the end I solved the problem using a simple bash script (/usr/local/bin/print_pdf.sh), avoiding the use of pipes inside incrontab file:

cat $1 | acroread -toPostScript | lpr -P <printer name>

Execution permision for all users:

sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/print_pdf.sh

After that, as a normal user:

incrontab -e

/home/launion/PDF IN_CLOSE_WRITE print_pdf.sh $@/$#

save the file

Now, when printing to the virtual PDF printer, Toshiba printer will receive the file in PostScript and it will be printed ok.

I did not try with pdf2ps command but maybe it will work too.

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