I got a new laptop and I installed Ubuntu onto it. Before, there was no operating system.

Is there a way I can remove Ubuntu, and get back to having no operating system at all??


yes, if you have Ubuntu Live CD/DVD/USB then you can remove everything from your hard-drive and make it as it was a new.

Follow these steps:

  • Boot from your Ubuntu Live CD/DVD/USB
  • Chose Try Ubuntu options instead of Install Ubuntu
  • Once starts open gparted from your dash or open terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) execute this:

    sudo gparted
  • When gparted starts delete the partition where Ubuntu is installed or delete all partitions and make a new one.

  • Shutdown your system from Try Ubuntu session.

Thats all.. You have removed each and every bit. Reply if you want further assistance.


Boot a Live CD (such as the Ubuntu installation CD), and use a disk tool such as gparted to delete the partitions. If there's something personal that you want to destroy first, use a program such as "shred" or "wipe"...


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