What application do the same what shazam or soundhound does on android?

Shazam for windows and MacOs, I don't like wine, plus it is commercial. You can verify about 2-5 songs and must pay to continue.

SoundHound - closely mobile Os's app.

What kind of application for Linux/Ubuntu can do the same?

$ soundhound song.mp3
The Beatles - Let it be - imdb index#

I found this question but answers are about mp3 tag only: Application for finding song names


OK so it is a little bit of a hack.

First go to:

  1. Directly to the flash program on the Midomi site

    This will be annoying probably because you cant click on the accept microphone button because adobe is annoying. Using Tab you can move around but it still doesn't seem to let you allow with Enter. So enter on the "?". Adobe flash player has seen you have interacted with this dialogue.

  2. Now go to the settings manager page of the Adobe site

    The picture is not a picture but settings. This one works and you can tell it to always allow midomi. This should be here because of using midomi before. (If not play with the stupid broken dialoge on the midomi site 1-2 more times then restart firefox). Once you have selected Allow for midomi on the Adobe page restart firefox and fo back to the flash program and it should work!


You can use Shazam for android with Archon Runtime and Google Chrome


  1. Download and install Shazam to your android device
  2. Export Shazam apk with Archon packager (install from google play) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.bpear.archonpackager&hl=de

  3. Download Archon Runtime 2.1 Beta and Google Chrome Browser

  4. Enable Developer mode in Google chrome browser
  5. Extract Archon and downloaded Apk.zip
  6. Load Archon and Shazam as unpacked extension
  7. search the Shazam in the Dash and run the application

enter image description here


You can use Shazam on Linux with a virtual machine with Android x86 in it and the Shazam App. I created a little video that shows the installation process and the usage:



I needed Shazam like services on my music server. I did not want a desktop application in order to run music detection from command line. With this project, you can detect current played sound : Shazam on linux


Just discovered MusicBrainz Picard, you can just easily install it with sudo apt-get install picard. It creates an audio ID of your song and looks it up in a database, did help me a lot.


I just uploaded zhavam to github. It uses ACR Cloud to retrieve the song facts of the music you’re reproducing in your Linux box.

The only thing you need is to create a free account on ACR Cloud and put your access data in zhavan.conf. You can use the config editor of zhavam to do this.

To run zhavam you need to put libacrcloud_recognizer.so in your system and update ldconf or use LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/acrcloud.

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