Is there software to install on an ubuntu server, and then use to collaboratively edit text files, sometimes adding some attachments? it's important that no data is lost if 2 people save the same doc with different contents at the same time. I've found seafile, but it seems too complicated considering it need 3 ports to work, and requires manual installation.


Try Etherpad, a nice alternative to Google Docs based on Node.js. We used it in some projects with relative success.

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You can also try Firepad which is based on Firebase, and is server independent. Only using Javascript.

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ownCloud is an open source, private cloud server, like dropbox or google drive, but you can install it locally. They recently added a collaborative document editing feature that you can see in action at the top of this page: http://owncloud.org/six/

I have only briefly tested the document editing aspect, but the file archival aspect has worked great across multiple machines and platforms. Just like with dropbox, you always retain a local copy of your files.

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We at collatebox are creating a shared 'spreadsheet-like' offering for the private cloud / on premise installations. This will allow you cell level control with a mobile template off-the-shelf. Write to info (at) collatebox.com to get onto early release list

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You could try http://www.collatebox.com/ , or simply write to them to kow if they have a solution for that.

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