I have a file, FileToCopy.pbs, that I would like to copy into multiple directories while changing a line called xxx in the file to the pwd location of the directory in which the file is to be copied.

What kind of for loop can I use to make this command?

Also, some of my directories include a * at the end of the directory path name.

More specifically I have a directory structure:


and would like to copy FileToCopy.pbs into all directories so that I have:


while changing a line xxx in each copied file of FileToCopy.pbs to the directory in which it is in. For instance, the line xxx for the FileToCopy.pbs located in /home/path1/dir1/ should be changed to /home/path1/dir1/

Thank you.


I have figured it out.

The code is as follows:

In the directory /home/path1/

for i in *; do cp /directory/of/FileToCopy.pbs $i; cd $i; sed -i s#xxx#$(pwd)#g FileToCopy.pbs ; cd /home/path1/; done

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