But the problem is, today is my third day using ubuntu, and I find it is amazing. Except I just can't setting a good IDE.

Netbeans is my IDE on Win8 and maybe my favoriate IDE on ubuntu. Here is the thing:

1 First I install netbeans using apt-get and installed with a netbeans versioned 7.0.1.

2 But it can't create a project or running one with existing codes and keep saying : loading Projects ( I thought it was someting wrong with netbeans but turns out to be the wrong version of my java jdk).

3 So I install ,or update, can't figure out what that line of code means yet, java jdk. And now netbeans is working ok except sometime can't fold my codes or stuck ASAP I use code autocomplete.


If I can't fix my netbeans, I hope someone can recommend me a new editor with plugins.

A nice editor like gedit works pretty well except it could be a little uncomfotable when I am working with more than 20 methods in a class... LOL So, If there r some available plugins like:

1 code folding plugins

2 autocomplete plubgins

I will be trully thanksful.

Summary :

1 how to fix netbean

2 or how can I get good editor with plugins


1 Download Netbeans from their website and follow their installation instructions

2 Have a look at Geany, IMO the best editor around (and it has plugins...)

  • my netbeans 7.3.1 is downloaded from their website, but maybe something wrong or I mess up with something...Just don't understand. I have downloaded geany,but feel unfamiliar with its GUI and hot keys. – abos Sep 3 '13 at 9:21

Use Eclipse. It has way more extensions than NetBeans, it is more powerful altogether, and works far better on Linux.

  • I used to use Eclipse on windows, it is great, but I fell netbeans is more friendly,well, at least on windows. >1 Does Eclipse have color Theme preference? – abos Sep 3 '13 at 9:18

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