after solving all the dependencies (./configure, make , sudo checkinstall )terminal reports. Please help me compile my first source package in Ubuntu. I'm building the package in /usr/local/src on 10.10 netbook edition. What do I do because I know I'm so close to my goal. Thanks in advance

Installation results


It looks like the directory /usr/local/share/icons is missing. Create it by running:

sudo install -m 755 -d /usr/local/share/icons

Such an installation rule should be added to the Makefile by the developers of klavaro.


At this stage your question is much better suited for a Klavaro mailing list. You're not doing anything Ubuntu specific: you're installing a program from source on linux. Unless I misunderstand you..

I see that it's having trouble creating a directory. Maybe this is permissions related. Try running your commands again with sudo.

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