I just migrated my email from evolution 3.2.3 to thunderbird. As that version of evolution is already storing email in maildir format I exported all folders by hand into mbox format (from within evolution, doing select all + save as) and then imported them in thunderbird with ImportExportTools. This has somehow caused a dramatic size increase of my mail archive. The evolution backup is only 0.5G and after exporting everything to mbox I now have 56G on my hands (so about a factor 100 increase). After importing everything into thunderbird it did not really get smaller. The two archives really contain the same data. Does anyone know how this is possible? I thought that maildir and mbox formats were more or less comparable in performance.

  • Well, I really don't know what evolution has been exporting there, but I eventually tried to run the python script from this thread on evolutions maildir tree and it gave me an mbox tree of the same size as the maildir tree. Importing that into thunderbird also worked fine. – Martin Wiebusch Sep 1 '13 at 12:34

The most simple way would be to use an imap account to do the switch. Don't you have one that you could use?

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