First i would like to tell you, this is my 8th System error, I have reinstalled my Complete OS 7 times earlier than this, and Yet again new issue.

I have lost my Unity Dashboard, and Indicator panel. I cannot drag and Drop and do nothing apart from running application via Terminal.

I can call them via terminal, but cannot use GUI options.enter image description here

Attached is Screenshot, you can see, it has no Indicator panel and no Unity menu.

Summary : of what i did when everything was working fine.

  1. Removed Guest Login and Remote Login option via lightdm.
  2. Installed System-indicator which show CPU Usage, Ram Usage and Network Transfer rate.
  3. Installed Nvidia 301 via additional drive i.e,

root@linux# jockey-kde &

and installed Nvidia 301. 4. Installed lm-sensor hddtemp , and pfsensor.

Summary : of what i did after current situation.

  1. De-activated Nvidia 301
  2. Uninstalled lm-sensor, hddtemp and pfsensor.

But my Unity dashboard and indicator panel has not yet come :(

How can i get back, without re-installing my OS 8th Time now :(



Well, if someone has same problem, than here is possibel Fix :-

Method 1 :- [Try this, if this works] Unity doesn't load, no Launcher, no Dash appears To, me this link didnot worked completly.

Method 2 :-

Step 1: Make your CD/USB Bootable and boot your system with it, Select Install Ubuntu Option which shows in boot time.

Step 2: And than Select option Re-install Ubuntu by keeping your all files intact.

Step 3: And Now let it re-install, once re-install is compelete, go to software center and install Compiz Settings.

Step 4: Your Screens and Dashboard are yet not there, so Just Press Ctrl+Alt+T for terminal and type gksudo apt-get update

Step 5: And than now follow -> Unity doesn't load, no Launcher, no Dash appears

You can see something popping in your window, and rest thing will be happy time for you. :)

Good Luck.

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