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How do I free up disk space?

I am running out of space on my notebook, so I thought I would delete some unused stuff.

I was thinking about:

Any other ideas?


Remove old kernel packages (leave the latest one or two). I'd suggest something like Synaptic for this and you want to search the Installed section for linux-image and linux-headers.

The linux-image and linux-headers for each kernel version combines to about 200MB of disk space. On an old system that has gone through a lot of updates, this can easily give you back a few gigabytes of space.

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    This has also a nice side-effect of having a smaller boot menu. I smiled when I saw two screens of kernels (at the GRUB boot menu) at a friend :p – Lekensteyn Apr 7 '11 at 13:32

A sudo apt-get clean will remove cached .debs that are sitting on disk from updates.

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I usually remove

  • apps I don't use
  • usused fonts, themes and icons
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You could also identify files that you don't often use and compress them. In particular, plain text files that are GZipped can still be read via the terminal with less.

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