I cannot get my new Samsung CLP365W printer to print via either wired (USB printer cable) or Wireless. Wireless printing works in 'doze Vista.

I have tried installing the drivers Ubuntu recommended for it from the driver database. When I did this and tried to print a test page, it said it was doing, the printer status said "Processing-Connected to Printer" and then changed back to "Idle" without printing anything out.

I have just carried out a version of the driver installing instructions from the Samsung Website and done something in the terminal about sudo ./install.sh, after moving the files into the home folder. Install got as far as the following error message:

./noarch/worker.sh: 310: ./noarch/worker.sh: Illegal number: 09
**** Install finished

What does that mean please?


I solved this problem by this way:

  1. sudo su
  2. (enter password)
  3. ./uninstall.sh
  4. ./install.sh

As I understood, any changes made by previous installation attempts, were disturbing to a new one.


try removing the usblp module with:

rmmod usblp

and then run


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