I'm having some difficulty finding information on which packages I need to use Tkinter.

The software centre shows IDLE ... I don't think it's the same thing.

Synaptic package manager lists numerous "tk" packages - which do I need ?

I tried removing and reinstalling : sudo apt-get install tk8.5

Could there be a miss-match with my Python version 2.7.4 ?



The packages are python3-tk and python-tk. If you are writing new code, it is probably better to write Python 3 based code, instead of Python 2.x code.

  • Thanks, I think it's installed correctly now because I can write "from Tkinter import *" - however "from Tkinter import ttk" does not work. Maybe the book I'm learning from is outdated. – Nick Aug 28 '13 at 23:09

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