I have a job that is run by anacron. In the syslog I see messages like:

Apr  6 06:11:09 host anacron[1031]: Job `myJob' terminated (mailing output)

but I never see that mail. If I run that same job through cron the output is mailed to /var/mail/username. Where is anacron mailing the output?


Most likely anacron is executing the jobs as root, so the mail isn't being sent to your user. You might what to use /etc/aliases to get the mail at your normal address. Like so:

root: your@email.com

Or to use a file:

root: /file/name

See man 5 aliases for more information.

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  • nice tip on using aliases and also on directing to a file – Joshua K Dec 26 '12 at 18:17
  • Does this file /etc/aliases exist on ubuntu xenial? – George Udosen Aug 5 '18 at 18:37

In case You use anacron on a home computer – one without a mail server installed –, You might want to see the logs (stdout) and errors (stderr) of your scheduled tasks in a log file for debugging. To do so, You can add redirections to your anacrontab file like this:

# period  delay  job-identifier  command
1         0      backup          /home/me/backup.sh 1>>/home/me/backup.log 2>>/home/me/backup-errors.log
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