I have similar problem in the LibreOffice (version My Ubuntu is 13.04 If I type الآن in my libreoffice writer, It displays: اـلآــن‌ـ LibreOffice displays a dash (UnderScore): _ after each Persian character and if I type some characters this dashes may change position or be reduced:
ا       اـ
ال     اـل‌ـ
الآ     اـلآــ
الآن   ا_لآــن‌ـ
above I typed some samples of what I type what LibreOffice displays. This problem Only occurs in LibreOffice Writer, Not in Calc, nor in Firefox.


It's probably a function of the CTL setting which can be found in Tools > Options > Language settings > Languages. Do you have the same problem if you set this value to, e.g., "Farsi"?

  • Yes, in Tools > Options > Language settings > Languages I set: Locale setting = Farsi <br/> CTL = Default-Farsi – PHP Learner Aug 26 '13 at 10:00

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