How are files stored in Ubuntu 12.04? In Windows, if you look at your local disk (C:), you will see that programs installed are traditionally kept in Program Files and Program Files (x86) if you have a 64 bit system. Further more, each user's folders such as documents, downloads, pictures, etc. can be accessed through C:\Users\

Where are the different users' folders (Documents, Downloads, etc.) located in for Ubuntu 12.04. Suppose I have setup multiple users on Ubuntu. How can I access another user's folders? And lastly, where are the 'installed files' kept?


All folder in Ubuntu are in /, called the root directory.
Every user has a folder (named as his username) in /home. You can reach your home with command cd ~ in a terminal, and other home directory with cd /home/username.

There is no installed directory, all programs are in a lots of directory, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview#Main_directories for further information.

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