I would like to assign

  1. Alt Gr + n to type ñ
  2. Alt Gr + i to type ¡
  3. Alt Gr + g to type ¿

How can I program those key combinations?

Ubuntu 12.04, Mini Dell 9 netbook, French Canadian keyboard

Update: I found out about the compose key under Settings, Keyboard Layout, Options. I defined it under "caps lock". I can now type an ñ in pressing first caps lock, then pressing Alt Gr + ~ then pressing n. I still don't know which key sequence I need to use to type an inverted exclamation '¡' or a question mark '¿'. Can someone help for this one?

2nd update: I found out about the rest of my question. I press once my defined Compose Key: Caps Lock, then I press Shift+1 twice to get '¡' and Shift+6 to get '¿'

The other topic regarding the same problem was not detailed enough. I hope mine is.

It would be nice to find a map of all possible characters produced with the compose key and the particular keyboard layout.


Go to All Settings, Keyboard Layout, Options, Compose key position, choose one (I had to use Caps Lock because this is the one I use least).

Now if I click on Caps Lock then ss I get ß, or Caps lock =/ I get ≠, same for ñ, ¿ (??),¡ (!!), €, etc...


This post

explains how to use xmodmap and xev to do that. What about mapping then like:

xmodmap -e "keycode 57 = n N n N ntilde"
xmodmap -e "keycode 31 = i I i I exclamdown"
xmodmap -e "keycode 42 = g G g G questiondown"

after that you can get the symbols that you want with the "alt Gr" key + n, i or g.

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