I was running CM 10.2 on my Nexus 4 until I decided to give Ubuntu Touch a try. These are the steps I took.

  1. Because I as already running a custom OS, I already has a custom recovery installed (CWM), so I just downloaded the saucy-preinstalled-touch-armel+mako.zip from here and dropped it on to root of my sdcard.
  2. Rebooted in to CWM Recovery.
  3. Factory Reset/Wipe Cache Partition
  4. Install zip from SD and selected the downloaded file.

It said everything was successful, but I'm now stuck on the Google logo after trying to boot. I can get back to the bootloader and in to recovery just fine. I just can't get it to boot.

I loosely followed these directions (Manual Download & Installation), I just didn't rename the file - is that truly necessary? As far as I know, it flashes the same way.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: Did I need to flash saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip first?


After unlocking and rooting, just get the multirom manager app from the app store:

  • It makes sure you are rooted, after installing the internal rom I needed to flash SuperSU.zip
  • It can update the kernel to one that has the patch
  • It will install ubuntu touch and lists all the version for you to choose.

Something I did not intend for is it installs Ubuntu-touch as the main internal rom.


To do a full install of Ubuntu Touch, the phablet-flash utility will use ..

For Nexus 7 (grouper)


The simplified install log looks like:

INFO:phablet-flash:Restarting device... wait
INFO:phablet-flash:Restarting device... wait complete
INFO:phablet-flash:Flashing system to <path>/saucy-preinstalled-system-armel+grouper.img
< waiting for device >
erasing 'system'...
sending 'system' (66487 KB)...
writing 'system'...
INFO:phablet-flash:Flashing boot to <path>/saucy-preinstalled-boot-armhf+grouper.img
sending 'boot' (7144 KB)...
writing 'boot'...
INFO:phablet-flash:Flashing recovery to <path>/saucy-preinstalled-recovery-armel+grouper.img
sending 'recovery' (7172 KB)...
writing 'recovery'...
INFO:phablet-flash:Booting <path>/saucy-preinstalled-recovery-armel+grouper.img
downloading 'boot.img'...
INFO:phablet-flash:Clearing /data and /cache
INFO:phablet-flash:Pushing <path>/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip to /sdcard/autodeploy.zip
INFO:phablet-flash:Deploying Ubuntu
INFO:phablet-flash:Restarting device... wait
INFO:phablet-flash:Restarting device... wait complete
INFO:phablet-flash:Installation will complete soon and reboot into Ubuntu

So, Yes.

The device-specific file in loaded before the generic. However, I'm not sure you did all the steps ..

Try asking on XDA-Developeres forum: Ubuntu Touch > Ubuntu Touch Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting

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