We have a CUPS server 1.3 and my freshly installed Ubuntu 13.04 PC has CUPS client 1.6.2. They are incompatible.

On the CUPS web server I saw that CUPS 1.6.3 has fixed the issue.

"CUPS 1.6.3 fixes some compatibility issues with servers running CUPS 1.3.12 or older..."

So I would like to replace CUPS 1.6.2 with 1.6.3 on my Ubuntu 13.04 PC. I guess Ubuntu 13.10 will have CUPS 1.6.3 and later I would like to upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10. I would thus prefer avoiding installing CUPS 1.6.3 manually to avoid any troubles.

Is there a way to install CUPS version 1.6.3 using a ppa or something like that ?


Here is the link for the ppa for cups version 1.6.3-1ubuntu2

Cups PPA

  • This is the same link provided by shookees. It's not a ppa url. Excuse my inexperience but how do I configure apt-get to download cups 1.6.3 for me ? – chmike Aug 23 '13 at 9:05

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