We have a "mix-mode" Lab. and we want to migrate to Ubuntu, from Windows.

In this process, how do we add Ubuntu workstations to a Windows Domain / Active Directory ('AD') setup?


There are two ways: using Samba and Winbind or LikewiseOpen.


Samba is more robust and used way more the like wise is. It requires you to edit settings in text files to set up. It may work better for a large lab set up once you have it working. I use this to share files across computers on our windows network at work. There are GUI application (gadmin) that allow you to edit the config but most tutorials give examples on editing the text file.

Using samba here are a number of ways:


LikewiseOpen is trying to be easy and simple and provides a nice GUI interfaces to change settings. I have not got it to work but I would try Likewise open first. They also have an enterprise option if you would like to pay for support.

Using LikewiseOpen:

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Windows Networking

Computer networks are often comprised of diverse systems, and while operating a network made up entirely of Ubuntu desktop and server computers would certainly be fun, some network environments must consist of both Ubuntu and Microsoft® Windows® systems working together in harmony. This section of the Ubuntu Server Guide introduces principles and tools used in configuring your Ubuntu Server for sharing network resources with Windows computers.


Samba File Server

Samba Print Server

Securing a Samba File and Print Server

Samba as a Domain Controller

Samba Active Directory Integration

SOURCE -> Windows Networking

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