Does anyone know how to jailbreak an iPod touch 6.1.3 under ubuntu (12.04 LTS)? Better if you have a terminal sudo way!

[Already tried evasi0n but it seems that the 6.1.3 is too advanced to be supported]

Thank you in avance!

  • Do you mean, how to jailbreak it through a USB connection to a computer running Ubuntu? Aug 21, 2013 at 8:29

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According to the evasi0n jailbreak page, it is not possible to use evasi0n to jailbreak post-iOS 6.1.2 devices with the evasi0n jailbreak. There are lots of gimmicks out there that claim you can, but for now the only way to jailbreak that device is with redsn0w, which is only available for OS X and Windows.

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