I like using combinations of Super + <key> to tile individual windows. This works in Windows 7+ by default, and in Mac OS X with ShiftIt.app. How can I do this in Ubuntu Precise 12.04?


You can tile windows to the left and right halves of the screen using Super+Ctrl+ and Super+Ctrl+ respectively. Also, Super+Ctrl+ maximizes the window, while Super+Ctrl+ minimizes/restores it.

You can also tile windows to the corners of the screen (bottom right, bottom left, etc.) using the keyboard combination Ctrl+Alt+NumPad, where the numpad number roughly corresponds to the position you want the window to be. For example Ctrl+Alt+NumPad 1 will move the window to the bottom left corner.
(Source: Window tiling (Move-to-{corner,side}) shortcuts in Ubuntu 13.04)

Customize these shortcuts

To customize maximizing (Super+Ctrl+) and minimizing (Super+Ctrl+) windows, simply go to your Systems SettingsKeyboardShortcuts tab → Windows and look for Maximize Window and Restore Window.

To customize tiling to the left (Super+Ctrl+) and right (Super+Ctrl+), you'll need to install CompizConfig Settings Manager Install ccsm. Once you have it installed, open it up, and search for Grid in the Filter box, and click on it. Find Put Left and Put Right and edit them accordingly.
(Source: Window tiling (Move-to-{corner,side}) shortcuts in Ubuntu 13.04)

Example screenshots of default tiling:

Window opened normally:




  • Thanks! How could I customize these keys? – apennebaker Aug 19 '13 at 17:38
  • @apennebaker I've edited my answer. – Alaa Ali Aug 19 '13 at 19:01

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