If I am given a bare minimum ubuntu machine in a private cloud environment with almost nothing installed on it(not even apt-get and ubuntu repositories configured) and the only user is root, what are the set of commands to run to turn this machine as configured as an ec2 standard ubuntu 12.04 image? One can find these commands here and there but I am looking for something that induces all I need to run to have a properly configuration machine as good as the amazon ubuntu ami.

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    Do you have access to the coreutils? wget, and such? what commands are actually available? – Braiam Aug 22 '13 at 19:59

That is a tough one. I can not provide "the set of commands", but describe how I would approach this task.

.deb packages have priority's. Most of the packages have the priority optional, but the ones that are interesting here are the packages with required, important and standard priority. Those are the ones that are usually installed on every system. apt-get is one of them. You could scan the Packages file of the main repository for a list of all packages that are required and important priority, download all the .deb files and install them with dpkg -i. (I sincerely hope you do not have to bootstrap dpkg!) Then you should have a functional apt system. Then you should be able to use aptitude in order to install all standard packages. Done that you could install the task server with tasksel.

Packages file for amd64

Good luck

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