Actually my touchpad was not working, so I installed and uninstalled some packages and I did not know what they were. Now I am now getting a login screen and after typing password, it is coming back to the login screen again and again. Help me to solve this problem.

  • Did you try logging into the Guest account? – TheLoneKing Aug 16 '13 at 13:35

Check the permissions of your X11 related files, in your home directory. They should belong to you completely.

Use a virtual terminal (CtrlAltF2 /3/4/5/...) to login, and make sure your ~/.Xauthority file has a you:yourgroup ownership. You can use the following command once logged-in :

ls ~/.Xauthority -l

If the permissions are incorrect, use :

sudo chown you:yourgroup ~/.Xauthority

(you must be a sudoer)

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