I would like to send messages to a network PC (from one Ubuntu system to another).

I used this command to send a message to myself for testing:

smbclient -M myName -b

But I get this error:

message start: ERRSRV - ERRmsgoff (Not receiving messages.)

command on remote machine:

smbclient -M remoteName -b

error is:

Connection to remoteName failed. Error NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME

myName and remoteName are hostname values. Is this right?


When a NET SEND style message is sent to a system running Samba, it will run the command specified in the message command configuration. According to the smb.conf man page, messages will be rejected by default, which might explain what you're seeing:

If you don´t have a message command then the message won´t be delivered and Samba will tell the sender there was an error. Unfortunately WfWg totally ignores the error code and carries on regardless, saying that the message was delivered.

One program that can take these messages from Samba and display them on the desktop is LinPopup:


I haven't tried it personally, and it doesn't appear to be packaged for Ubuntu, so you would probably have to build it from source.

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