What is the recommended way to automatically mount usb drives, optical media, hard drives, etc... with a tiling window manager on Ubuntu?

I am a big fan of tiling window managers, but I always look like a damn fool whenever someone walks up to me with a usb key and I furiously start typing commands to create the mountpoint, figure out the name of the device in /dev, mount, etc....

I am currently using i3, but since this is a bigger issue for me than the differences between awesome/i3/dwm...

  • There are some other options listed on superuser. (I haven't tested any of them, so I'm not adding them as answers.) – aplaice Jul 10 '16 at 20:33
  • I use pmount/pumount, which at least auto-creates the mount points. But you still have to know the device name. – Robert Fleming Jun 7 '17 at 16:09

You can use udisks-glue with the following configuration. Note that this is running Awesome which has a page for automounting where you can find other less elegant (In my not so humble opinion) solutions...

 filter disks {
        optical = false
        partition_table = false
        usage = filesystem
 match disks {
        automount = true
        automount_options = sync
        post_mount_command = "notify-send \"Disks-glue mount USB\" \"mounted %device_file on %mount_point\" --icon=/path/to/ikons/usb.png"
        post_unmount_command = "notify-send \"Disks-glue umount USB\" \"umounted %device_file from %mount_point\" --icon=/path/to/ikons/usb.png"
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Udiskie (https://github.com/coldfix/udiskie) is the best solution for mounting disks in tiling WM

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