I installed the zsh package.

Also, I downloaded the oh-my-zsh framework to customize zsh. When I change theme name in .zshrc file to one of the themes given here, it changes the color/type of prompt among other things but the background color stays the same. I want the background color to change to the ones given on that theme wiki page.

So, how do I do change the background color automatically to the ones on that page whenever I change my theme?


For example, I changed in ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/example.zsh-theme file the line:

PROMPT="%{$fg[red]%}%n%{$reset_color%}@%{$fg[blue]%}%m %{$fg[yellow]%}%~ %{$reset_color%}%% "

with the line:

PROMPT="%{$bg[cyan]%}%{$fg[red]%}%n%{$reset_color%}%{$bg[cyan]%}@%{$fg[red]%}%m %{$fg[yellow]%}%~ %{$reset_color%}%{$bg[cyan]%}%% "

And look what happened:


So, I suggest you to play in the same manner with which theme do you wish from ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes directory.

  • Note unless you set RPROMPT='%{$reset_color%}' any command output to the terminal will also carry that background color. I guess it depends on whether you want all lines to have the same color or if you just want the prompt line to have a different color. (Personally I wanted to keep my terminal's default BG color but change the prompt line.) – thom_nic Aug 31 '16 at 16:50

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