What types of files, such as images (jpg, png, tiff) and documents (pdf, doc, docx, xls) can lp render correctly and print? I'm trying to make a print kiosk and don't quite know how accommodating I can be with lp to print from the command line with a script.


lp (/lpr) can only print PDF, p(ost)s(ript), and plain text files.

But this does not has to stop here: you can make PDFs with a lot of tools and then print that PDF.


  • If you want docx and other Microsoft formats you can use a converter like JODConverter to convert those to PDF.

  • For images you can do the same: make a PDF from the image and print that:

    mogrify -format pdf *.jpg

    will create a PDF from jpgs.

  • Or with the convert command in imagemagick:

    for file in *.jpg ; do convert "$file" "${file/%jpg/pdf}" ; done

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