On this machine, I installed Lubuntu 12.04 and then installed the ubuntu-desktop package. Now there is some Lubuntu software, such as the Lubuntu Software Center, Xscreensaver, and Abiword, that needs to be removed.

There are plenty of scripts online, like this one, that describe how to get back to a pure Ubuntu desktop (after installing the lubuntu-desktop package) by removing all the Lubuntu packages, that is, the packages that lubuntu-desktop depends on. Can I use that script to remove the old Lubuntu packages and fully migrate to pure Ubuntu? I am worried that the script may remove some packages, like libbluray, that Ubuntu needs.


You can perform the removal as pointed in the link you provided but afterwards I suggest you to perform:

sudo apt-get -f install

should signal and try to resolve any problem it finds relative to installed packages.

Still I don't like such approaches as I'm not sure Lubuntu uses the same repositories as Ubuntu.

Complementing: Do a

dpkg --get-selections > ~/Desktop/ubuntu_packages

into a ubuntu machine this will give you a list of packages on a ubuntu machine. Do the same for your lubuntu.

dpkg --get-selections > ~/Desktop/lubuntu_packages

Do a diff, remove the packages present only in lubuntu. Then

cat ~/Desktop/ubuntu_packages > sudo dpkg --set-selections && sudo apt-get dselect upgrade

To install only the packages needed for ubuntu

  • A point of information: Lubuntu does, in fact. use the same software repositories as Ubuntu does. This seems like the answer to a different question... That command will resolve any problems with uninstalled dependencies, but if there is software I don't want, whether its dependencies are installed correctly or not, I will still be in the same pickle. – Richard Aug 8 '13 at 16:56

This can be solved by running the script on the website, and then reinstalling the ubuntu-desktop package. I have a feeling that there are some software packages that are left over somehow, so maybe vfbsilva's answer is more reasonable.

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