I am developing an open-source Java application and want to distribute it for Ubuntu (12.04+) users through a PPA.

My app depends on a Trove4j library v3+, but there is only 2.1 version of this library in the official Ubuntu Precise repository. Starting from Quantal there is a trove3 package containing required version of the library. I don't want to make a downgrade to 2.1 version (because of performance issues in that old version).

What is the best way to overcome this limitation?

Maybe I can make a fork of the official trove3 package in my PPA or just copy trove3 source, change codename etc. and upload it as a separate package to my PPA?


If the trov3 package you want is not in backports, then IMO best package it in your ppa.


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  • Thank you! There is no trove3 package in backports, so I will package it in my PPA, moreover it is needed only for precise. – dbolotin Aug 8 '13 at 18:44
  • You are most welcome. – Panther Aug 8 '13 at 19:02

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