I have an old buffalo WLI2-PCI-G545 model wireless card and Ubuntu won't recognize it. I was wondering if there was some way I could rig it to work. Thanks.


From Ubuntu Forums Load the driver into ndiswrapper: Code:

sudo ndiswrapper -i /media/cdrom0/Bin/Driver/CBG54/WIN2000/netg54s.inf

  1. Load the ndiswrapper module: Code:

sudo modprobe ndiswrapper

  1. Does the interface show up? It should:


iwconfig wlan0

If not, it might not be called wlan0 (I don't see why not, but my card doesn't do this right either). The way to check is to list all the cards: Code:

ifconfig -a

and look for the MAC address listed as "hwaddr". According to what you posted, the address you should look for is 00:16:01:7d:ea:7e. If that isn't in there, it's not working.

  1. Assuming you can find it, try scanning. If it's not called wlan0, then change wlan0 in everything below to what it's called (eth1 or something like that).


sudo ifconfig wlan0 up sudo iwlist wlan0 scan

A more in depth how to is also avaliable here


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