I have tried installing Repast Simphony 2.0 using a downloaded version of Eclipse (as per the Linux installation instructions - although which is the "Classic Edition"?) and following the same instructions with the version of Eclipse packaged in the 12.04 repos. Neither method has succeeded.

How can I get Repast running?

(I do not need it to install in an automatic/packaged way. For example, could I use the version of Eclipse created by the Windows installer and replace eclipse.exe with the Linux Eclipse jar?)


I managed to achieve this by following the excellent instructions posted by Meghan Hutchins and Marta Vallejo, as follows:

  • Create folders called repast-eclipse, repast-libraries and repast-workspace. (In the instructions below, download and unzip any libraries into repast-libraries.)

  • Install Eclipse and essential Repast plugins following Meghan Hutchins' step-by-step instructions:

    • Download Eclipse Classic 4.2.2 (Juno) (this very specific version).

    • "Install" it to repast-eclipse and run it from there. Set repast-workspace to be your workspace.

    • Install the following plugins:

  • Install graphics plugins following Marta Vallejo's step-by-step instructions (relevant instructions start at "Apart from all of these plug-ins, we need to install three more components"):

  • If you have created any Repast projects already, refresh them.

  • Select Window | Preferences | Groovy | DSLD and click "Recompile scripts"

To test everything has been successful, you can import a sample Repast projects from the File menu. They should compile successfully and have visible agents appear when you start the simulation.

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