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I have a tablet that runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich and would like to convert it to run Ubuntu as the Operating System. How easy is it to re install a tablet with Ubuntu?

The tablet is an Model N900

CPU Allwinner A13 
FSB 1.5GHz 
OS Android 4.0 ICS 
Memory 512MB DDR3 
Nandflash 8GB 
Extended TF card; U disk, support TF card up to 32GB max 
LCD Display 9 inch capacitive screen, 800*480 
Internet Built-in Ethernet, support WIFI (802.11 a/b/g/n) 
3G support external 3G module 
Camera Front camera 0.3MP 
I/O ports USB port, Headphone Jack, TF card slot 
Touch Screen 5-point capacitive touch screen 

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Are you talking about the Nokia N900?

Personally I haven't heard of anybody porting Ubuntu Touch to the Nokia N900. Supposedly it is current in progress. So currently it wouldn't be possible, to easily, install Ubuntu Touch on your device.

If you wish to contribute to the Ubuntu Touch project check out the porting guide and get some help from the ubuntu-phone team

If you aren't talking about the Nokia N900, but instead some other no-name brand tablet. Then it is even more unlikely you'll be able to get it working on your tablet.


I looked up a N900 android tablet and I found this which kind of fits the specs: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/9-Android-4-0-Tablet-PC-Allwinner-A13-1GHZ-CPU-1GB-Memory-8GB-16GB-Storage-Capacitive/311779_573646128.html

As far as porting Ubuntu or Ubuntu touch natively, it probably won't happen. But you could try this nice app on the android store: Ubuntu noroot

This app is a compatibility layer that lets you run Ubuntu apps on your tablet in a linux type environment. Due to your low specs however I wouldn't hope for a high performance.

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